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Gold-backed solutions

The Next Market Crash May Wipe Out 50% Of Your Customers’ Life-Savings Without Physical Gold To Mitigate The Loss. 

401(k) Gold Group, Inc. provides gold/silver backed customized custodial and administrative retirement plan services to Registered Investment Advisors, asset managers and other institutional investment firms.

By adding physical gold/silver to your clients’ current 401(k) Administrative Plan, Financial Advisors enhance their own reputation by helping the client truly diversify into an alternative asset like never before.

Financial advisors can protect clients’ assets by helping them diversify into non-traditional assets. This provides retirement portfolios with the benefits of asset preservation, tax deductions and tax-free/tax-deferred profits.

We Pay Your Custodial and Fiduciary Fees for First 5 Years*.

  • Save $100,000s in fees.
  • Protect Your Clients' 401(k) Plan Before The Next Crash.
  • Preparation is Key. We're Here to Help.
  • We Grow Your Account.

A Diversifier.

Gold is one of the most effective diversifiers.


Gold offers downside protection and positive performance.


Gold provides competitive returns versus other major financial assets.


A safe haven in uncertain times.

Key facts that investors should know:

Gold is a mainstream asset driven by many factors, not just investment demand.

Gold is one of the most effective diversifiers.

Gold provides competitive returns compared to other major financial assets.

Gold offers downside protection and positive performance.

Over time, fiat currencies – including the US dollar – tend to fall in value against gold.

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