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Setting up an LLC IRA is easy. We will set up an LLC for your IRA and appoint you as the non-compensated manager. Each LLC is customized to correctly adhere to the IRS laws and regulations which govern self-directed IRA investment platforms, still keeping your funds tax deferred with no penalties.


Once the LLC is set up, you be will mailed your LLC binder. You can then go to the bank of your choosing and open a checking account in the name of the LLC. The custodian currently holding the funds is instructed to invest the self-directed IRA into the newly formed LLC, also known as ‘capitalization.’


With your new account open, you can purchase gold or silver from us immediately. You simply wire funds from the LLC account to 401(k) Gold Group for the purchase amount. Because the LLC is owned by the self-directed IRA, the gold/silver you purchase are also owned by your self-directed IRA.


We put together a portfolio of coins we have been tracking over the last 3 to 5 years that have given our clients a consistent rate of return. We deliver the coins to your LLC address, discreetly, secured, registered and insured into your hands. You can now store them in a safe secure place of your choosing.

Benefits Of An IRA LLC

Manage Your Own IRA.


Practically Zero Fees.

Protection Of Wealth.

Gold/Silver In Your Hands.

Eligible Coins

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Protect Your Retirement Assets With Gold and Silver Today! 

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