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What Is A Self Directed Gold/Silver IRA?


A Precious Metals IRA is a Self-Directed Individual Retirement Account in which the Federal Government allows you to own physical precious metals such as gold and silver. The benefit to you is that you are now free to diversify your assets into physical gold and silver away from the traditional forms of investments like risky and unstable stocks, stagnant bonds and mutual funds.

The assets of your IRA are stored for you in an IRS approved depository until you need it. The beauty of owning precious metals as part of your portfolio is that voluntary or mandatory distributions may be taken by liquidating all or a portion of the precious metals in your IRA or by requesting an in-kind distribution, which allows you to take physical possession of your precious metals.

401(k) Gold Group, Inc. makes the process as simple as A, B, C. All or a partial transfer of funds can be made into your new Self-Directed Precious Metals IRA through a “Direct Transfer or Rollover” from your current custodian.

The assets transferred out of an existing retirement account or rolling over eligible 401(k) funds from a previous employer into a Traditional Precious Metals IRA will not trigger any tax liabilities. All assets will be kept tax deferred. Roth IRAs grow tax free as long as the requirements for a Roth IRA are honored.

401(k) Gold Group, Inc. Account Executives will guide you through the simple paperwork involved and will help answer any questions you might have. Our Account Executives can also assist with the verification of eligibility of funds with a simple phone conversation with your current custodian.

401(k) Gold Group, Inc. recommends limited edition Proof Gold and Proof Silver American Eagle coins in a Precious Metals IRA. The intrinsic value of the bullion content coupled with its scarce nature may offer increased prosperity. This unique combination makes them a perfect fit for long-term retirement portfolios. 

We are not financial advisors. We do not give or offer financial advice. We are here to merely put gold in your retirement portfolio as allowed by law. Individuals investing in Self Directed Gold/Silver-backed retirement plans are encouraged to consult with a tax advisor before purchase.

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401(k) Gold Group, Inc. Is not a broker dealer or a financial services provider and does not provide financial planning or financial advice. 401(k) Gold Group, Inc. is a precious metals dealer and is only in the business of selling physical precious metals. 401(k) Gold Group recommends reviewing our account agreement prior to making your purchase. Precious metals and rare coins can increase or decrease in value and past performance is not a guarantee of future results, precious metals, like all investments carry risk. 401(k) Gold Group cannot guarantee, and makes no representation, that any metals purchased will appreciate at all or appreciate sufficiently to make customers a profit. 401(k) Gold Group views precious metals as a long-term investment and should be held for at least 3 to 5 years, preferably 5 to 10 years, recognizing any specific holding period may be affected by current market conditions. All statements related to self-storage IRAs are the opinions of multiple attorneys retained by 401(k) Gold Group and does not warrant the completeness or accuracy of the attorney research conducted related to these statements. © 401(k) Gold Group, Inc. - All Rights Reserved.

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