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A gold/silver Solo 401(k) is a modified Solo 401(k) qualified retirement plan that contains physical gold and silver. The original Solo 401(k) was designed specifically for business owners and their spouses with no full-time employees.

The general 401(k) is an incentive to save for retirement by allowing owners/participants to defer taxes on designated funds. These funds can be converted into gold and silver as a way to stabilize the account due to losses sustained in the open market on Wall Street. The physical gold and silver contents will and can be delivered to the owner.

We recommend a safe place like a bank depository or fiduciary vault for safe keeping and storage.

Self-employed workers who qualify for the gold/silver Solo 401(k) enjoy the same tax benefits as in a general 401(k) plan without the red tape protocols.

Gold/silver Solo 401(k) Eligibility Requirements.

Gold/silver Solo 401(k) Eligibility Requirements.


No full-time employees except spouse.

How The Gold/Silver Solo 401(k) Works.

How The Gold/Silver Solo 401(k) Works.

We set up a self-directed IRA for you. As with a typical corporate 401(k) plan, your gold/silver Solo 401(k) will have a trust account, appointing you as the sole trustee. No custodian is necessary.

A checking account may be established at any bank of your choosing,. This allows you exclusive access to the assets in your physical gold/silver Solo 401(k). Simple.

Advantages Of A Physical Gold/Silver Solo 401(k).

The advantages of a gold/silver Solo 401(k) are numerous for self-employed individuals. Our Ultimate Solo 401(k) is packed full of benefits.

  • Complete Trust in Gold and Silver — With a gold/silver Solo 401(k) you defy all the rules Wall Street stipulates on your 401(k). You would have taken a stand against assets that do not represent a store of value in your retirement account
  • Take Back Control — Finally, you get to dictate your financial future by protecting your 401(k) assets with precious metals and kepping them away from the losing streak of Wall Street.
  • Maximized Contributions— Age requirements: Under 50 years old, tax-free contribution limits for 2015 are $53,000/year, and up to $18,000 can be Roth contributions. 50 years old or older individuals can contribute $59,000 as of 2015, and up to $24,000 as Roth contributions.  These limits double if your spouse works with you.
  • Financial Autonomy —You may purchase property, precious metals and the like or eve borrow money from your 401(k). Withdrawals can be made from the growth of the precious metals contained therein.

After decades of your money being controlled, you can take back the reigns with tangible assets like gold and silver. Your retirement assets need not be trapped and kept susceptible to traditional forms investments like equities, mutual funds, money market fund, stocks and bonds. The gold/silver Solo 401(k) allows you the choice to own gold as protection against sudden market volatility.


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