Laser Resonator Technologies, Sparks, Nevada;

(Company name changed for privacy reasons)

  • Mid-sized business with 329 employees .
  • Total 401(k) asset value – $25,070,000.
  • Custodian: Transamericana

  • Length of time with Transamericana: 16 years

The Challenge/Problem

  • In the financial crisis of 2008, the company lost over 34% ($8.53 million) of 401(k) funds that belonged to its employees.
  • Transamerica charged 2.605% per quarter on total asset value. Decipherable fees were $653,073 per quarter, $2,612,294 a year even as they lost money. They had been paying these fees for 16 years.
  • The devastating loss affected employee moral which led to a vote of no confidence in their 401(k) plan. The employees’ lack of motivation manifested into low productivity and zero profitability.


The Solution

  • Our recommendation was to rebuild the foundation of 401(k) assets with physical gold to stabilize portfolio.
  • By Jan, 2009, the account stopped hemorrhaging cash while gold protected account value.
  • 2011 saw physical gold assets in their 401(k) retirement fund grow by 75%. Account doubled in value in 2012. In 2012, they cashed out.
  • We have saved company over $7.8 million in fees to date.
  • The ownership of precious metals in a 401(k) retirement account reduced their exposure to the stock market and minimized endemic market volatility, while simultaneously increasing value of gold in their 401(k) portfolio.
  • 401(k) Gold Group, Inc. helped protect and preserve corporate employee 401(k) accounts with physical gold.
  • We added value to and enriched the lives of employees through the ownership of physical gold in their active 401(k) administrative plan. Our value proposition satisfied an entirely new set of needs because there was not a similar offering such as what we offered to Laser Resonator Technologies, Sparks, Nevada.

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