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About Us

Helping Employees Protect 401(k)s From Catastrophic Losses With Physical Gold Without Changing The Plan.

Our Mission

We want to help change the way Americans retire with dignity by righting a wrong.

Our Values

We want to help improve an antiquated and archaic retirement industry by making physical gold a standardized foundational asset in any 401(k) administration or retirement plan.

Our Story

401(k) Gold Group, Inc. specializes in placing physical gold in your company’s employee current 401(k) administrative plan and SEP IRA. We also help rollover previous 401(k)s accounts into gold-backed IRAs and gold for physical delivery.

Our primary goal is your company’s growth through the edification and understanding of the importance of safeguarding your employees’ nest egg from the dangers and challenges in today’s volatile market.

There is no “one solution fits all” approach with us. Since we value you as a client, we take time to listen deeply and decipher what your needs, wants, goals and aspirations are. Once we discern and recognize what the problems are, we employ common sense strategies and make professional recommendations with gold to fix the ailment in your retirement portfolio. That way, your company’s retirement portfolio stays preserved and can still experience growth despite the uncertainty and turmoil in the stock market.

By doing all or some of the above, your company can now serve your employees by showing that you care about your employees’ financial future which we believe will, in turn, prove to be rewarding to your company.

Safety and Peace
of Mind.

We help protect 401(k)s from loss with physical gold while the market tanks.

Millions of Dollars
Entrusted To Us

Thousands of Americans have trusted us to convert their 401(k) plans into physical gold.

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Call (800) 637 – 7886 during business hours to talk to an Account Executive or leave a message.

IT'S 2021

The Future of
401(k) Plans is Here.

For the first time in history, 401(k) Gold Group, Inc. offers corporations and their employees the unprecedented option of physical gold-backed active 401(k)s without changing the plan.

We solve the problem of constant equity loss in employees’ current 401(k) administrative plans and corporate retirement accounts.