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401(k) Gold Group, Inc. helps corporations and their employees protect their 401(k) plans from catastrophic losses with physical gold.

Our primary goal is your edification and understanding of the importance of safe-guarding your 401(k) plan from the dangers and challenges in today’s volatile stock market.

Safety and Peace of Mind

We help protect 401(k)s from loss with physical gold while you sleep like a baby.

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Thousands of Americans have trusted us with their money in gold.

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The Future of 401(k) Plans is Here

For the first time in history, 401(k) Gold Group, Inc., offers corporations and their employees the unprecedented option of physical gold-backed active 401(k)s without changing the plan.

We solve the problem of constant equity loss in employees’ current 401(k) administrative plans and corporate retirement accounts.

Our Mission

We want to help change the way Americans retire with dignity by righting a wrong.

Our Values

We want to help improve an antiquated and archaic retirement industry by making physical gold a standardized foundational asset in any 401(k)
administration or retirement plan.

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