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Of 401(k)s Sustained A Devastating 35% Loss In 2008


Of 401(k)s Remain In The Same Accounts With High Fees


Don't See A Way Out Of This Predicament And Are Scared


401(k)s Have A Tangible Asset Like Gold As A Safe-Haven

Benefits Of A Physical Gold-Backed 401(k) Administrative Plan


We stop the pain cold.

SAVE $100,000s IN FEES

Higher returns for employees.


Harder working employees.


Happy employees.


Your employees will be forever grateful.


Gold is an uncorrelated risk diversifier.

The Next Market Crash May Wipe Out 50% Of Your Life Savings Without Physical Gold To Mitigate The Loss. 

Gold provides positive returns and reduces portfolio loss. Gold has been especially effective during times of systemic crisis and in a financial market crash. 

Despite Eviscerating Losses In 401(k) Plans Over The Years, Plans Continue To Pay Astronomical Fees Unabated.

Standard fees charged by plan administrators cost you millions of dollars a year. Yet, you still lose.



Standard fees charged by plan administrators cost you millions of dollars a year.



Preparation is Key. We’re Here to Help.

Protect Your Employees’ 401(k) Plan Before The Next Crash.

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Every Company, Every Employee Is Unique. Protect 401(k) Plans With Physical Gold.

For the first time in history, 401(k) Gold Group, offers corporations and their employees the unprecedented option of physical gold-backed active 401(k)s without changing the plan.

We solve the problem of constant equity loss in employees’ current 401(k) administrative plans and corporate retirement accounts.

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