Interview with Shayne McGuire, portfolio manager of the Gold Fund for the Teacher Retirement System of Texas.

Q: TRS (Teacher Retirement System) has been investing in gold for a number of years. Why did the pension fund decide to invest in gold as an investment separate from commodities?

A: “One of the main reasons we considered gold was the diversification benefits it provides to portfolios dominated by equities, as most pension funds are”.

“We thought that adding gold as a relatively small percentage of total assets would improve the Trust’s long-term risk adjusted returns due to diversification benefits. It is an inflation hedge (it rose 2,300% during the inflationary 1970s), and yet a deflation hedge in times of deep economic stress (such as 2008) – it tends to rise as investors begin to anticipate the need for dramatic inflationary monetary intervention. Given these difficulties, it is no surprise to me that, to this day, many funds struggle to implement a gold strategy. Ultimately, our decision to invest in gold as an asset separate from commodities was based on the diversification benefits to the overall portfolio”.

Source: The June 2016 edition of Gold Investor published by The World Gold Council.



The physical gold or silver IRA you can HOLD In YOUR HANDS is the best way to get your retirement assets away from the losing streak of Wall Street. Our attorneys help you establish a Limited Liability Company (LLC) that conforms to IRS rules and regulations. The IRA owns the LLC. You, the non compensated manager of the LLC, use the LLC’s checking account to purchase precious metals. We ship precious metals to your home. Simple.

A gold/silver backed Solo 401(k) account is also available for individuals and sole proprietors of small businesses.


Central banks, traditionally, have used gold as a foundational reserve asset. Corporations are now looking to gold and silver as a new standard to curtail systemic risks to their 401(k) plans.

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401(k) Gold Group, Inc. provides gold/silver backed customized administrative retirement plan services to Registered Investment Advisors, Asset Managers and other institutional investment firms. Adding physical gold/silver to clients’ current 401(k) Administrative plan, Financial Advisors enhance their own reputation by helping the client diversify into an alternative asset.

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Smart institutions are becoming more diversified by adding physical gold and silver to their clients’ investment portfolios. 401(k) Gold Group, Inc. offers gold/silver backed Program IRAs for investment sponsors that have one or more publicly-registered investment programs.

In addition, 401(k) Gold Group, Inc. can provide physical gold as alternate investment solutions for: • Registered Investment Advisors • Mutual Fund Companies • Banks • Financial Service Firms • Customized gold/silver backed Custodial Solutions.

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Kevin Vincent

Architectural Engineering Company, Santa Monica

“Luji, you have personally assisted me so graciously in buying, selling, advising and establishing my 401(k) in precious metals. Continued success in your practice and blessings to you and to all of your family. Regards”.

Jim McKinzie

ATM Designing Company, Wyoming

“I have worked with 401(k) Gold Group for many years. During that time, they have guided me with only my best interests in mind. I have never been subjected to “bullying” tactics or high pressure sales that has made me uncomfortable. If it is not a good time to invest, they have honestly told me so. They have also kept in contact and has given me updates every quarter. Being self employed, my investments need to be as solid a possible. I can trust the knowledge and integrity that 401(k) Gold Group has shown me”.

Gary Palmer

Entrepreneur, Pennsylvania

“I chose the 401(k) Gold Group above all others to work with in establishing my precious metals portfolio. They provided me with the most information and knowledge I required to make the most intelligent decisions about gold and silver. Their honesty, integrity and loyalty have been of the highest caliber. All my many questions were answered with the same quality and graciousness. They helped me greatly. I consider them a very valuable asset to my family and also my friends. Sincerely”.


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