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Physical Gold For 401(k) Corporate Plans

401(k) Gold Group, Inc.

Helping Employees Protect 401(k)s From Catastrophic Losses With Physical Gold Since 2012


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Smart Gold 401(k)s


We help protect 401(k) Plans from loss with physical gold without changing the plan.

SAVE $100,000s IN FEES

We save 401(k) plans hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees.


Gold offers downside protection and positive risk management.

The Future of 401(k)s Is Now. Protect It With Physical Gold Today!

In these times of extreme uncertainty and rapid change, we enable corporations and their employees to protect their 401(k) plans by deploying gold’s unique qualities.

Limited Time Offer! We Pay Your Custodial and Fiduciary Fees for First 5 Years*.

For The First Time In History, Companies Can Now Protect Employees’ 401(k)s With Physical Gold Without Changing The Plan!


Can You Afford To Lose 45% of Your 401(k)?

Preparation is Key. We’re Here to Help.

Protect Your Employees’ 401(k) Plan Before The Next Crash.

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Corporations and their employees can now protect their 401(k)s, 403(b)s, 457s, Pension plans and Solo 401(k)s with physical gold without changing their current plans.

401(k) Gold Group, Inc. provides gold-backed administrative services for Self-Directed IRAs, qualified retirement plans and non-qualified custodial accounts.

Architectural Engineering Company, Santa Monica - “Luji, you have personally assisted me so graciously in buying, selling, advising and establishing my 401(k) in precious metals. Continued success in your practice and blessings to you and to all of your family. Regards”.

Vincent Kevin Kelly

ATM Designing Company, Wyoming

- “I have worked with 401(k) Gold Group for many years. During that time, they have guided me with only my best interests in mind. I have never been subjected to “bullying” tactics or high pressure sales that has made me uncomfortable. If it is not a good time to invest, they have honestly told me so. They have also kept in contact and has given me updates every quarter. Being self employed, my investments need to be as solid a possible. I can trust the knowledge and integrity that 401(k) Gold Group has shown me”.

Jim McKinzie

Entrepreneur, Pennsylvania

- “I chose 401(k) Gold Group above all others to work with in establishing my precious metals portfolio. They provided me with the most information and knowledge I required to make the most intelligent decisions about gold and silver. Their honesty, integrity and loyalty have been of the highest caliber. All my many questions were answered with the same quality and graciousness. They helped me greatly. I consider them a very valuable asset to my family and also my friends. Sincerely”.

Gary Palmer

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